Start Right™ 360°

Protecting people, environment, assets, and reputation.

When employees do not complete the standard vehicle/equipment 360° walk around, it almost always brings needless and negative costs to the workplace.

NSSL has the solution. With our product, you can ensure that your employees are always in compliance with your company's vehicle pre-trip inspection policies. The Start Right 360™ Dashboard works along with the WorkSafe app and Safety Management app.

We have the solution, whether it be a car, truck, tractor trailer unit, crane, or whatever mobile piece of equipment you may have.

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360 Truck

People, Environment, Assets, and Reputation

We know what is important.
Ensuring everyone gets home safely each day.

Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to take our experience and use it to help others build a safety culture for their companies. To do this we provide products that are:

  • built based on experience in the field
  • tailored to each industry's and company's needs
  • cost-effective
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"Since implementing the Start Right Safety Device we have noticed a significant decrease in human error accidents. This device has made us more aware of not only our own surroundings but others as well. Keeping our employees and everyone around us safer."

Mike Kucko, Director - MX3-Rail
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Case Studies

Want compliance with all pre- and post-trip inspections?
This Dashboard, along with the corresponding app, ensures compliance with inspections on any piece of equipment.
Want verifiable accountability for your ground service equipment?
Use our app and dashboard combined and have 24 hour tracking system at your fingertips worldwide.
Struggling to collect verifiable data to ensure your scaffolding has been inspected from top to bottom?
This Dashboard, along with the corresponding app, ensures compliance of inspections.
Avoid costly and environmentally unsafe spills.
Plant Nappy™ is the solution! Designed to absorb any spills and makes for an eviromentally safe way to dispose of any harmful spills.

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About National Safety Solutions

NSSL was founded by Grant Toutant, who spent years in the construction industry. He has teamed up with Jesse Ebbett, an expert in software developement, to combine technology and experience in creating a safe, efficient, and cost-effective workplace.