Ensuring all your loved ones are being cared for as they should be. When using the Start Right Home Healthcare system you can rest assured your loved ones quality care is being given.

How it works
Multiple divices with dashboard displayed.

There are far too many horror stories that we have heard from our family and friends regarding poor care being provided to loved ones. Not to mention many documentaries on TV showing what happens when low quality healthcare providers are being used.

You can make sure the questions you want to be asked are being asked.

Now you are able to change all the NO items listed above to YES all in real-time. Yes you heard it right you can actually see all aspects of home care being completed within 60 seconds of being done.

Access Your Data Anywhere

Your loved ones' information is important, therefore you should have access to it anytime 24/7. Our team has developed an intuitive dashboard, so you can monitor all caregivers' time spent with your loved one. This can be viewed from anywhere in the world from any Smartphone, PC, Tablet, or Laptop.

For as little as $25.00 per month you will be guaranteed the caregivers are performing as you expect which will allow you to sleep much better knowing the care that you expect is actually the care that is being given.

Multiple divices with dashboard displayed.

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