Our Vision

Each day our team starts by waking up and thinking safety. Our goal is to make sure employees come to work safely and go home safely each day. With this commitment from our team at National Safety Solutions, we can confidently move forward making the workplace safer for all. Our passion is what drives us to see the concerns of others in a much different light. We take a problem-based approached and focus on a solution based on the client's needs. Using our team’s experience, we can understand and evaluate each client’s concerns individually. This allows a good foundation onto which our team can begin developing a solution. At the end of the day we, at National Safety Solutions, place an extreme level of pride and commitment with each job we take on. We are confident that our solution will make your company a much safer environment for all.

Our belief is that every day can be made safer.

Our mission is to help companies to have...

Safer Workplaces

Workplaces are busy at the best of times. We are working hard to make the workplace that much safer by using technology to our advantage.

100% Compliance

Sometimes the biggest struggle is making sure employees do their safety checks. NSSL works hard to simplify the process and encourage 100% compliance.

The Best Safety Culture

Create an atmosphere of safety consciousness in all your employees. We start with simplifying the process and promoting compliance at the same time.

Time Savings

Skip the millions of loose papers that easily get lost. By working with technology, we are keeping the process quick, simple, and easy to use for everyone, from workers to administrative staff.

Start Working with Us!


"Since implementing the Start Right Safety Device we have noticed a significant decrease in human error accidents. This device has made us more aware of not only our own surroundings but others as well. Keeping our employees and everyone around us safer."

Mike Kucko, Director - MX3-Rail

"Within 30 days all our employees, management, have been 100% compliant. We have also been able to eliminate incidents between vehicle/equipment and stationary items. With that success, it shows our employees and clients that we are truly working everyday to make their workplace safer."

Koyne Watson, President - Cobra Heavy Iron Ltd

Plant Nappies are an excellent product to use in any job, but especially any job located within a sensitive area that cannot be impacted by contaminants. These products are durable, reliable, and simple; and we have had no problems implementing them within our job. National Safety Solutions provides a great product and has excellent customer service. In our opinion, they are a must!

We used to use hand-built containments, but they would deteriorate over time, collect water that needed to be pumped out, and bulky to move with our equipment. The plant nappies provide a lightweight alternative that is easy to maintain and is so versatile. They were seamlessly implemented on the Jobsite; the team is very appreciative of the changeover. With rivets built-in, we can fasten them to pieces of equipment. They filter out the water, so during severe weather events, they do not need to be pumped. They're low maintenance, easily cleaned as needed, retain contaminants reliably. We will continue to use National Safety Solutions for our Plant Nappy needs!

Sabrina Rancourt, Environmental Manager - Cianbro Corporation