Strong Safety Cultures Are Difficult to Build and Measure.

What if you could prevent accidents and equipment damage while ensuring your workers are completing inspections regularly?

Our system is more than a safety tool, it is peace of mind for all types of inspections that require verifiable accountability

Our system allows inspections to be measured so inspections can be managed.

Now you can Start Right®.

Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to take our experience and use it to help others build a safety culture for their companies. To do this we provide products that are:

  • built based on experience in the field
  • tailored to each industry's and company's needs
  • cost-effective
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"Since implementing the Start Right Safety Device we have noticed a significant decrease in human error accidents. This device has made us more aware of not only our own surroundings but others as well. Keeping our employees and everyone around us safer."

Mike Kucko, Director - MX3-Rail
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