Disrupting The Fire Protection Industry

Eco-Gel™ is a patented plant-based concentrate, the first/only firefighting water additive that is non-toxic and biodegradable.

  • Fluorine-Free – Safe for people, animals, property and environment; no specialized cleanup
  • “Stick and Stay” – Fire suppressant and short-term retardant
  • Cost Effective – The price point is better than existing foams and gels; it uses less water
EcoGel Brand

The Unique Nature of Eco-Gel™

  • The only gel that is UL listed and will effectively suppress both class A and B fires
  • This water additive makes a highly effective firefighting hydrogel when added to water
  • Overcomes the performance and environmental limitations of foams, gels and retardants
  • Clings to vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces protecting a safe egress path for firefighters
  • Fast-acting application for use on structures, wildland and urban Interface
  • Prevents extinguished fires from re-ignition
  • 100% certified bio-based
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